Adventure at high see

The afternoon was spent seeing the Diocletian Palace in Sibenik that has been constructed in the 3rd century. Diocletian’s mausoleum has become a cathedral. His remains were removed as he was probably one of the worst persecutors of early Christians and the cathedral is St Dominius one of the martyrs. I also visited Jupiter’s temple nearby.
Some of us climbed up the stairs before lunch to the fortress above the town.
After we had a discussion and demonstration of another guided walk and lavender oil for which the island is renowned. Sadly prediction storms meant we didn’t stay the night there but rather went to Vela Luka on the opposite side of the island. We didn’t go there and left again at 3 am on Thursday to sail to Mljet.
I was glad of this as this is a National Park. We crossed in a very small ferry to some monastery on an island and walked to the big lake. The big lake is a deep blue seen here with the little lake a brilliant green and the monastery in view.